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EPC Project Management Webinar & in-person Forum  2022

EPC Project managers are in great needs to stay in control to avoid project delays and failures. Projects nowadays have moved and evolved with time, although some of the common historical causes of failures are still present, project managers are faced with additional challenges.


EPC Project managers are expected to anticipate the demands of successful projects. As a project manager, one must lead the teams in planning, budgeting, co-ordination, monitoring and control while meeting the objectives in terms of quality, cost and time. This course will help project managers focus on tools, techniques, and methods to ensure success in the project delivery.


Frequent project failures include management’s failure to deal with unrealistic deadlines, communication deficits, scope changes, causing resource competition, uncertain dependencies, risk management, insufficient team skills, lack of accountability, client’s need and poorly defined vision and goals.


This 2-day dynamic and resourceful EPC Project Management Masterclass will benefit and better equipped EPC project managers by allowing them to have a greater hold on their projects while keeping in mind the important issues that will lead to successful project delivery within the estimated cost and time

Who should attend

This executive training course if customised for:


•              Project consultants

•              Project managers

•              Project engineers

•              Structural engineers

•              Product development engineers

•              Project development engineers

•              Process engineers

•              Project Developers

•              Commercial managers

•              Quantity surveyors

•              Project support managers

•              Proposal manager

•              Tendering managers

•              Quality and process improvement managers

•              Procurement and contracts specialists

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