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In-Person & Virtual Conference 

Don’t Listen In, Participate!

 May 20212

Our passion is connecting people through our events; we firmly believe a virtual event experience should be no different. Our Live+ content platform will of course give you access to all the presentations as they happen and beyond, but we have to do much better than that! Our focus is on unlocking the incredible knowledge, experience and value within our entire event delegation, not just our world class speakers. That is why our Live+ platform is loaded with features to ensure you are able to fully participate.

In-Person & Virtual Conference 

Sharing knowledge is our passion

May 2022 

Untitled design (3).png

An interactive interface you control to give you access to the functions you need, putting you in control of your interactions throughout the event. Run chat with conference sub-groups or specific delegates, post questions, take part in polls

Good online events don’t just happen, they need to be prepared. We understand this and have designed an event that seeks out attendee engagement, take advantage of interactive live polling and Q&A throughout the event to understand where you sit on the key issues compared to your peers. All insights from these interactions will be posted to your content hub post event for you to refer back to.

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