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The Annual Global EPC Contract & Project Management Conference returns to Amsterdam , this year. This is the world’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry summit for thought leadership and networking in the contract & project Management , Construction , Procurement  domain. This summit elucidates challenges and special risks and how to manage them.

Join the top owners, EPCs, engineers, constructors, suppliers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors, researchers and developers making typical projects involving Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) happen on real-world in an exploration of current challenges and priorities.

Learn about real project successes, share your experiences, gather practical knowledge that is directly applicable to your business, and find partners and vendors that are currently using-or are seeking to implement best practices.

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The Annual Global EPC Contract & Project Management Conference is an owner-driven event, with programming designed to deep dive key issues in Engineering, Procurement and General Construction implementation and project performance.

In developing the EPCMP conferences, we engage subject-matter experts from the project owner EPC, constructor and engineering community. These experts lend its knowledge and experience to the task of defining the conference themes, developing the program and planning great networking opportunities for attendees.

Thanks to the efforts of these experts, we can design an event that best addresses the challenges and priorities in EPC. 

Some of the biggest global owners, constructors, engineers and technology providers attend this conference. This is an opportunity to network with hundreds of industry leaders, about 60% of which will be represented by project owners and EPCs.

Themes And Topics

  • Leadership & Change Management

  • Collaboration 2.0 for Mega Projects

  • EPC Project Delivery Systems and EPC Contractor Evaluation

  • Agile/Scrum Approach to Project Management

  • Successful Management of EPC Contracts and Dispute Resolution Strategies

  • Controlling Transactional Costs on EPC Projects-Need of the Decade

  • New Estimating Process that is Used Throughout the Project Life Cycle

  • CSR + H&S Management in Industrial Projects

  • How Excellence in Camp Services Positively Impacts EPC Project Productivity and Risks Mitigation

  • Project Interface Management

  • Front End Engineering And Design (FEED)

  • The Project Management Team And The Growing Challenges Of The Team Impact

  • Future Of Procurement Management In The Industry

  • Project Contracting Strategies

  • Optimizing Construction through Innovation-Evolving Modularization & Prefabrication Solutions

  • Disruptive Technologies and the Digital Transition

  • Data Integration as the Framework

  • EPC Engineering Deliverables Management- Challenges During and After Constructing Large Scale Project

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