The exponential growth of data analytics in power and utility industries has motivated worldwide response by forming big data analytics in power and utility summits. Numerous transformations have been witnessed in the application of modern technologies by industries leading to the growth in volumes and variety of data and its analytics. These summits have witnessed a huge gathering of experts and decision-makers from the European powers and utilities industry to discuss trends and challenges of digital technologies data analytics and build business relationships. Therefore, the forthcoming summits to be held in Amsterdam will certainly provide the best platform for discussing a lot of topics on big data dynamics on power and utilities. Some of the preliminary topics that will undoubtedly be addressed will include 











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Why Attend

• Use of Blockchain Technology in Data Security

• Implementation of Green Blockchain Initiatives

• Artificial Intelligence Essence in Big Data Analytics Workloads

• Augmented Business Process Management Systems

• How the Internet of Things Drives the Adoption of Streaming Analytics

• The Growth of the Fifth-Generation Mobile Network (5G)

• Codeless Machine Learning Application in Big Data Management

• Demystify the topic of big data

• The Essence of Cloud Migration in Business Intelligence Software

• Link big data decisions to ROI

• The Rise in Popularity of Predictive Analytics

• Hear about successful projects and understand the applications to your operations

• See technologies first-hand and learn from experts

• Find ideas and resources to improve, accelerate, new applications

• Meet like-minded professionals facing similar challenges

• Find technology solution providers

• Learn from and connect with leading experts